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Powerful, retro design, professional features and provided with the most important functions you need to brew a perfect espresso. The MAKINA S7 PRO-PID is built with high-quality components and is hand made in Italy. 

Makina S7 Pro-PID

  • Specs

    The most powerful, compact, exceptional retro design and fits into any kitchen. Our espresso machine

    • Quiet built-in rotary pump. Professional rotary pump ensures stable 9 bar pressure.
    • Heat exchanger. Gives the opportunity to make coffee and froth milk at the same time.
    • PID controller. Proportional Integral Derivative, full temperature control.
    • Shot timer. Perfection with each extraction.
    • Switchable tank/direct water connection.
    • Power 1800 W. Stable power supply.
    • High quality copper boiler 3L. 50% more capacity than average espresso machines.
    • Check valve. Applied to the associated hydraulic circuit and automatic overpressure discharge system.
    • Boiler over-pressure valve.
    • Full mirror polished high quality stainless-steel exterior.
    • Pre-infusion function.
    • Boiler pressure gauge.
    • Pump pressure gauge.
    • Water tank 2L.
    • Insulated boiler to save energy.
    • Lever valve technology push & go. Elegant ergonomic design.
    • Dual electronic sensors, minimum level control of internal tank via electronic card, with automatic total blocking of all machine functions in case of missing water.
    • Indicator warning O-led lights.
    • Cool touch steam wand.
    • Stainless steel adjustable feet.
    • Ergonomic design wood portafilters.
    • Original E61 brew group.
    • Complete wood kit handles.
    • Quick heat. In 9 min ready to serve.
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